Top Things You Should Know About Energy-Efficient Windows

Your home’s energy efficiency is one of your primary concerns as a homeowner. Just like any other homeowner out there in Walthamstow, you want to be practical and eco-friendly at the same time. Energy became expensive and quite harmful to the environment and making your home energy-efficient is one way of fixing the problem. Installing energy-efficient windows is one effective way to boost your home’s energy efficiency.

Reducing the energy costs could be so easy if you think about your windows. You have two different ways to cut the cost of your monthly electric bills. One is to improve your windows if you’re on a limited budget. Another way is to replace your old windows with brand new Energy Star rated windows.

Enhancing Your Old Windows

Windows usually serve as wide passages for your home’s temperature to come out during winter. Even though the ceilings, walls and the basement may be insulated, still temperature drop happens or these parts of your home consume more energy than usual. This happens because of your old windows and it’s more likely to occur if your windows have wooden frames.

Old windows typically have wooden frames, and wood is an organic and natural material. It simply means that wood soaks up water from snow and rain, and it’ll expand from wetness and crack or shrink back in warm temperatures. If the wooden windows shrink back, the damaged parts will not fall exactly where they were before. This will leave all forms of gauges and gaps within the frame. These spaces are where the cold air during winter will pass going to your home’s interior while the warm air escapes and passes through the same passages.

Studies revealed that doors and windows are liable for thirty percent of the temperature loss in the households, resulting higher monthly electric bills. Hence, the best solution for the problem is to make the windows insulated and ensure that the spaces are covered. The following are a few basic ways of doing this. Most of these tactics are free:

  1. You can attach some storm windows or go for low-e storm windows. Old windows must be in their best condition so you can add storm windows on their top. By adding storm windows, your old windows will be able to control the air flow better inside and out. It means your home becomes better insulated and less chance for the warm air to escape.
  2. You must install window frames that are energy-efficient. To make the most of your investment, search for WERS or Window Energy Rating Scheme label. It would let you know how great the windows are in keeping the warm air in. Go for windows with five-star ratings.
  3. You can also choose to install some window furnishings like curtains, blinds and treatments. They would not make your windows insulated, but they can stop the warm air from escaping, helping to keep the adequate temperature inside your home. In terms of the coverings and curtain, select the heaviest fabrics then layer them. When choosing the blinds, your greatest choices are the cellular and honeycomb ones. These options are effective in trapping the air inside their pockets and they also serve as a secondary insulator for your home.

Installing Double Glazed Windows

You can also choose to install double glazed windows. These windows help in keeping the warmth inside and the noise and cold air outside. They can also help in keeping your home cool during summertime. These windows are energy-efficient and more beneficial compared to single pane windows.

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