Should You Repair or Replace Your Existing Windows?

More and more homeowners today prefer to replace their recent wooden framed windows with new ones that can be made of fiberglass, vinyl, metal or wood options instead of repairing their old windows.

New, Upgraded Window Materials

The number one reason for this changing trend, specially through the previous two decades, is the immense enhancement in the construction strategies of the massively produced fiberglass and vinyl framed windows. This resulted to cheaper costs being passed on to customers.

Replacements Could be Budget-Friendly and Eco-Friendly

As the recent generation of homeowners have shifted into the new window market with their interest and knowledge in the accessibility of those materials that are proven energy-efficient, there’s also a rising interest in the replacement of leaky and drafty single pane windows with double glazed windows that are Energy Star rated. Nonetheless of whether you live within the city of Walthamstow or somewhere nearby, double pane windows are the today’s standard when it comes to replacement windows.

There is nothing wrong to worry about if you choose to have a more affordable workforce of experienced window technicians available. They prefer it instead of hiring more expensive professionals in Walthamstow. Despite the improved accessibility of replacement window choices in the market today, most of the homeowners out there who deal with old, damaged windows are more interested in repair than replacement.

Although the financial savings is always the number one choice in the list for DIY lovers, many homeowners remain committed to decreasing their windows’ environmental footprint and re-use or repair their damaged windows with some “greener” components. In this matter, hiring the best window replacement/repair company in Walthamstow is the best action to take.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Replacement over Window Repair

Should you replace or repair your old windows? That question is somewhat hard to understand. But, when determining the benefit-cost ratio between repairing old wood-framed windows and buying replacement windows, you would need to ponder on these crucial factors:

  1. Broken or cracked glass (visual acuity and safety)
  2. Split or rotting muntins (the upright wood pieces the separate the glass panes)
  3. Lower or upper sashes that cannot move (from the coats of tint, coming off-track, nailed or broken cords on the sash weights)
  4. Rotting or missing drip (the external “shield” on top of your windows)
  5. Cracked, loose, missing or rotting external casing (trim)
  6. Brittle or missing putty that holds the panes of glass to muntins
  7. Too much infiltration of the water

When your windows have 3 or more of these problems listed on this checklist for replacement window, it’s likely to have your existing windows replaced instead of being repaired. You must seek help from a reputable window repair/replacement company in Waltham Forest. You should do your best in finding the right service provider to hire. Do not forget to call the window repair/replacement company that you would like to hire first before signing a contract with them. For your peace of mind, you should find out the best service provider that will give the best value for your money.

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