What You Should Know about Window Replacement Warranty

A product warranty is designed to protect the consumers from costly replacement or repair costs in case of a product defect or when it’s damaged while the item is still covered by its warranty feature. In terms of avoiding costly window repair or replacement, a window warranty becomes a great solution.

Things to Consider in a Window Replacement Warranty

When looking at new windows and their warranty features, you should ask some questions to the seller like:

  1. Do you provide a warranty on all items available?
  2. How long is the warranty’s validity?
  3. Does the warranty feature cover the entire parts?
  4. Is it full or limited?
  5. Is the labour covered by the warranty?
  6. How simple it is to sign up for the warranty?
  7. How soon could I anticipate my window to be replaced while covered by the warranty?
  8. Is the window’s warranty transferable?

A window warranty is not mandatory that can leave you in the pickle when your window starts to give you problems. It’s best to talk to your window installer to make sure that your warranty is good for you. Ask him if he gives a warranty on the window units in his inventory. Since a warranty is not compulsory, some window replacement companies in Walthamstow may not provide a warranty for your window. If the contractor doesn’t give you a warranty, you may look for other windows or search for a new contractor. Make sure that you talk to your window installer about this before you sign the contract and start working with the contractor.

The warranty’s scope is often different by brand, product or manufacturer. A warranty might be a “lifetime” and that means it’s valid forever. A window warranty can be valid for 1, 5 or 10 years but it can be for up to 20 years. A window is an intricate system of movable parts. A warranty might or might not include the glass, window screen, hardware, and so on. Make sure that you ask what parts are included in the warranty of your window. Usually, all parts will be included in the warranty.

A warranty is also good if it includes the labour. The same with covering the entire parts of your window, the warranty may include or exclude the installation. Though you could depend on many companies to install a window, particularly if they are new in the industry, your windows might be installed improperly that may lead to insecure seals and window malfunction.

Furthermore, a warranty can be full or limited. When your window has a full warranty, the parts must be replaced by your contractor or its manufacturer within a certain span of time that is convenient to you. A limited window warranty is strictly regulated and may be applicable only to some window parts. A window’s limited warranty provides less coverage compared to a full warranty. It is also specific in terms of coverage based on what the retailer or manufacturer wants for their products. If terms of a limited warranty, it’s best to go for the window model covered by a 20-year warranty.

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