What are the Different Window Styles in the UK Market?

Whether you plan to construct a new house, or you want your old house to have some makeover, you will be happy to know that you have many choices when it comes to window styles. The window market in the United Kingdom, especially here in Walthamstow, you’ll find windows in assorted designs and styles. The following are the most popular choices that you will surely find in the market today:

  1. Sash Windows

Sash windows are made up of two movable panes or sashes. Usually, sash windows come in a form of sliding sashes that have two sashes that slide upward and downward. In the sliding sashes, one of these sashes is in front while the other is at the back. These two sashes are moving counterbalanced with the help of weights on the cords. The modern sash windows have new improved features and the latest models are equipped with springs instead of weights.

  1. Double Glazed and Triple Glazed Windows

Many home renovators and interior designers in Walthamstow recommend the installation of double glazed windows or triple glazed windows. Why? It’s simply because these windows are highly beneficial. Double and triple glazed windows are energy efficient. They keep your home warm during the winter months while keeping the whole property cool and comfy during summer. It’s not hard to tell how double-glazed windows differ from triple glazed windows. If double glazed has two panes of glass, triple glazed has three. Double glazed can be expensive, but triple glazed is pricier. Though they are expensive, they offer numerous benefits that made them very popular not just to homeowners but also to commercial property owners.

  1. uPVC Windows

Another popular option is the uPVC windows. These windows are quite popular to homeowners but not everyone can use and reap benefits from using them. If your house is located within a conservation site, you will not be allowed to install uPVC windows for your home. To learn if you’re eligible to use uPVC windows, talk first to the local authority and find out whether there are some limitations on the kind of construction materials you can use if your house is to be built in a conservation area.

Don’t take steps unless you already got the permission to do so. You must never forget to get planning permissions before anything else. Get permission first before major changes are made on your house. In case that you cannot use uPVC windows for your home, you may opt in timber frame windows or double-glazed windows. These window options are both energy-efficient and secure. They look so natural that makes them appropriate for conservation areas and period properties.

  1. Custom-Made Windows

You can also choose custom-made windows that fit perfectly with your needs and wants for your home. Custom-made windows are not readily available, so you need to wait patiently. Typically, it takes weeks for the manufacturer to manufacture custom-made windows for your home.

These are the most famous choices you have when it comes to window styles. If you live in Walthamstow, you should feel lucky that the UK market offers you many choices when it comes to windows.

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